This Autumn Yard


You are most likely thinking, “Enough with the posts about leaves already.” So, instead lamenting about all those crazy things that have been raked up twice already, I’ll show you what was hiding in that dreadful patch of weeds out there to the right.

These cute little baby pumpkins were just lurking there in the shadows, no doubt waiting for someone to discover them…too late for Halloween, but just in time to add that lovely harvest-y feeling to the Thanksgiving week.


Aren’t they just gorgeous?


Beats all the new leaves in the front yard.


Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

2 Replies to “This Autumn Yard”

  1. I love how long Autumn has lasted this year… even if it does mean that the leaves are taking over the world. It could be worse… I think!?!?! 😉 Ha ha ha!

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