Things To Love…

right this minute.


Second generation lamby love.


A busload of white cheddar cheese puffs.


Skyping with cousin Tim…in Russian.


A perfectly, terrifically, properly filled Easter basket. Heh, heh, heh.


Tag with the new guy.


Bunny Pasta.   005

A sweet, tired, little fellow.

What are you loving right this minute?


4 Replies to “Things To Love…”

  1. a quiet house, dreaming of what my twins will be, looking at fabric, and enjoying the Spring weather.

  2. I’m loving…

    * the idea of the sun finally coming out to stay
    * my hard working husband that takes such good care of us
    * doTERRA essential oils that are helping me take better care of my kids
    * having a loving, helpful family that are my friends too
    *playing Mario Brothers with a 2nd generation gamer… 4yr old! Ha ha ha! <3

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