There’s This Boy…

…in a far away land.

A) by castle

What better place could there be for Sir Dane, than to be surrounded by ancient castles and motes and bridges? He is really happy in this place.

A) Siauliai streets

He’s still in Lithuania but he’s been transferred to a village called Siauliai. I know…I know. No idea how you pronounce that one. He said it was like being taken to the Hobbit Shire, in Middle Earth.

A) With business class

He was asked to speak in the business school in town. They wanted to hear an “actual American” speaking “proper English.”  If you knew Dane before he left and ever heard his fake foreign or his own personal slang–you’d know funny that is.

A) With pals

My sweet boy has been gone for 1 year and 5 months—which means, he will be home in about 7 months! Wahooo!

Just in time for the bald kid—our baby, to step up.


We’ll need a busload of Rescue Remedy for that one.

Listen for the wailing… 

7 Replies to “There’s This Boy…”

  1. You will survive and before you know it you will be posting about the bald kid coming home in 7 months. He is growing up so fast! What a cool thing!

  2. Well now…I hadn’t thought of it THAT way. And since I don’t actually need to BE pregnant to have this perspective…it just might help. Hmmmm. Thanks for that.

  3. Oh Dane! It makes me sooo happy to see and hear how much he’s enjoying himself! It’s amazing what he’s doing… and I’m so proud of him!

    The Bald Kid will be great too! Hard for us… but awesome for Him! 😉 We can do it though!

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