The Ripple Finally, Finally

At last, the ripple blanket for our new little soul is finally finished. And none too soon too, because he’s a great, grown fellow of one week now.

I asked for April’s help in choosing just the right colors for this sweet project and as you may remember, I was taken back by her choices…and yet…

as I worked on it night after night letting the soft, smooth Caron yarn slide through my fingers with each stitch…

it came to grow on me–until, I could hardly wait to check my stripe pattern to see what piece of loveliness  was coming up next. After a while, I found it hard to stop so, baby blanket or not, I kept going, and going and going.

Thanks to Lucy, for her incredible tutorial on perfect ripple stitching over at Attic 24. Her instructions were simply brilliant and made me brave enough to carry on from start to finish. And with all the project bags around here–that’s saying something. Now to find someone warm and snugly to wrap in it.

When he wakes up, I know just the fellow.


3 Replies to “The Ripple Finally, Finally”

  1. Dang, those are some awesome colors. 🙂 I love how it turned out. I like to just stare at it…

  2. Thank you so, SO, SOOO much for this beautiful blanket! It’s snuggled all around my little one right now! It’s perfect… THANK YOU!!!

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