The Nativity Collection

Been collecting nativity sets since my kids were little. We have some really sweet ones. Veggie tales is a hit with Miss Chompy.

Being the kitty lover that I am, I found this one at BYU a few years ago. I love it!

This pretty little wooden one was made by my neighbor. His kids even helped smooth out the pieces with sandpaper.

How could I possibly resist a pink nativity? Found this one in Cozumel, Mexico.

For as long as I’ve been collecting, I actually should have so many more sets, but sadly, in one of our moves a few years back, a big tub of some of my favorites never made it to our house. The greatest loss was the olive wood set that I found in Bethlehem when I was 19. But the up side is that if someone else has found that tub– I know it will make them very happy–like it did us.

This cute thing was last year’s addition—an Eskimo nativity!! Searching out the sweet little sets has become one of the fun parts of this season.



Do you collect anything fun this time of year?

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  1. The kids get a new ornament every year that captures something special in their lives for that year. After HS graduation they get a little nativity that can go to school or on a mission. It’s something my mom has done for them.

  2. My mother-in-law has been collecting Nativities for a LONG time. She has some from China, Australia, Germany, and many more places. I have one made of Olive wood from Bethlehem if you want to share it. πŸ˜‰

  3. I love all your Nativities and it makes me SO sad that some of them got lost. πŸ™ So awful!

    I love getting ornaments each year. I try and get something that will remind me of something big or fun that we did that year! πŸ™‚

  4. I love your Nativities especially solid wood one, it is so beautiful. I have been collecting them since I was married and love to see what new treasure I can find every year.

  5. Once again, I’m late to the party. I’m saddened to say, I don’t collect anything ‘Christmas’. We do have one tree that is all hand-made ornaments. Does that count? I may have to start a collection, as I am in the perfect place to do such a thing–kinda starting over with everything. We have snow and closed roads just now.

  6. Oh, good for you. You’ll have such a collection when you’re finished. Keep an eye on those storage boxes–if you know what I mean. :}

  7. Of course hand made ornaments count! That’s actually fabulous, because they will all hold some wonderful memory–which is what the collecting thing is all about. :}

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