The Elusive Year Supply

Now, where were we before all the drama?
Ahhh yes…

Those pesky goals:

New Year’s Goal #3

“I will buy at least one food storage or emergency item every week even if it’s just a can of beans.”

Yeah, yeah. Big plans. But too boring to keep my interest very long. Then I checked in my files and found an old handout from Relief Society–years back. If you have already seen it–good. If not, this should help. It’s titled, “One Year Food Storage on $5.00 Per Week.”

The idea is to use roughly 5-10 dollars of your grocery money toward a storage item (suggested here) and in 1 year, you’ll have a decent, basic supply for 2 people. I’ll post the whole handout as a printable PDF (see below) and then give the prompts here each Friday.

Oh, and since the grocery prices are always fluctuating–AND this is an old handout–be a bit forgiving if the items cost a dollar or two more here and there. You’ll still be working on a great project for about the same amount as lunch at Wendy’s.

So—let’s get started!

This week’s food storage prompt is: Two cans tuna, 2 lbs. salt

“The revelation to store food may be as

important to our temporal salvation today

as boarding the Ark was to the people

in the days of Noah.”

Ezra Taft Benson

One Year Food Storage on $5-10 Per Week Handout

Speaking of Noah—have you seen this? See below…

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  1. I with you April!!! 🙂 I think we’re doing better… and you’re probably kicking our trash… but we can do it! I like this little list… it makes me think that it’s not sooo big and scary after all.

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