The Clean Water Movement

Just wanted to show you the sweet little article that Mindy Harward wrote in the local newspaper about a handsome young man that I know.  Now, I must say that I’m pretty darn proud of this fellow. As many of you know, he started a “give up your birthday” campaign over at Charity Water and it has really caught fire. In fact, this campaign has already committed life changing clean water for over 50 people —for life!

It’s been so fun to watch the generosity of friends and family and even total strangers when they realize that literally– our pennies– can change the world and bring clean water to the people that have never known such a thing. A few days ago Justin Bieber announced that he would be giving up his birthday to Charity Water as well–and within hours–his fans raised an incredible $40,000!

Of course, our goal is a bit more modest–we’re shooting for $2,200–before the end of March and we’re exactly half-way there!

Thanks everyone for your sweetness to our cause. It and you–mean so much to us.

Read the article: The Ultimate Birthday Present

Watch Dane’s video: My Birthday Wish

Check our progress or Make a donation


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8 Replies to “The Clean Water Movement”

  1. Nice! Love the article, plus Dane is so dang cute. Check out those muscles!! HOLY SMOKES! 😉

  2. We’re so amazed at how well it’d doing. Kinda fun that we’ll be able to actually watch the progress online of the well that we help with. So exciting!

  3. Yes. Yes. He’s a babe–it’s true. And multi-talented…and bi-lingual because he can speak Lithuanian AND Donald Duck. This is one versatile dude. :]

  4. He’s getting there. I sold another toddler hat from the Etsy shop–and 50% goes to his campaign. So it’s something.

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