Sweet Marion~ Honey


“My grandma called me “honey”.  Whenever I came to her house–which was often, she lived just a mile or two away–she would pat the seat next to her on the couch and say “Com’mere honey.” Then she’d take one of my hands in both of hers and squeeze it, and ask how my day was. Ask about school. Friends. Boys.  Anything and everything. She would push on the tops of my fingers to feel if I had any fingernails growing at all–I was a voracious nail-biter–and congratulate me if there was the slightest growth. She’d say “Oooohhh these are going to be so pretty! Just you let them grow!” And then she’d pat my hand and change the subject. As a grown woman, I still feel the tops of my fingernails and feel proud of myself.

Sweet Marion fabric ships February 2017. I’d love to compile a list of shops carrying it, so I can refer inquiries. Would you let me know if you’ve ordered it?

Thanks lovies!”

~ April

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