Summer Sprinkles

So, being the good, kind, benevolent Grammy that I am–I finally, finally got the old floppy, crinkled, ridiculous Snap-Set pool out for the baby birds. It might not look so big to you–but it took about a million hours to fill the sucker up. We let it sit in the sun forever to nudge the water a bit warmer than the Artic-Snow setting it started out with.

Oh, the Lilliputians loved it all right. In fact, since it was about 145 degrees in the shade–

they wasted no time and dove right in…

and promptly…


to empty it. After all my work. Sheesh…

What the heck?!

Ahhh…well. Who could argue with that cute little face?

Ha!  Mother Nature–that’s who!

Atta girl…heh, heh, heh.

:}                                                                                                                                                                          582

2 Replies to “Summer Sprinkles”

  1. That was a random storm… but I LOVED the thunder and lightning that came along with it! 🙂 Good thing the kids got in the house safe and sound so quick! 🙂

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