Such Plans

Oh, my friends–I had such plans. Plans for granny squares, and luscious desserts and St.Patrick’s Day fun and…and…and…

then this wonderful thing happened.

And now, it’s hard to think of much else other than kissing that sweet baby’s neck and touching the back of his feather-soft hands and playing with those teeny, tiny toes.

Luckily, big sister Miss Chompy is here to keep us on track. She says we will be making a special treat for St. Patrick’s day this very afternoon, and that is that. She also says that it needs to involve lots and lots of marshmallows. That’s very important. Watch for it. Sounds like it’s happening.

Honestly–who could argue with that face?

3 Replies to “Such Plans”

  1. She sure loves making projects & recipes with you! 🙂 I hope she left you some marshmallows to actually use in a recipe… she likes to taste test them before you can get the them. 😉

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