10 Seriously Last Minute Costume Ideas…

Happy Halloween!!

Ok, here’s the deal. We’ve collected some of the easiest costume ideas–some we’ve used, some we’ll save for next year. But don’t worry…these are so clever and simple you don’t even need a picture. Trust me…

Posterboard tombstone hanging from your neck that says, “R. I. P.” with a letter C below it…Dead Sea

Plain white T-shirt with a red, paper letter C taped or sewn on…Red Sea

Plain white T-shirt with a green, paper letter T taped or sewn on…Green Tea

Plain dark T-shirt with a blue paper cutout of a quarter moon taped or sewn on…Blue moon

Crumble about ten pieces of different shades of green construction paper. I took a long piece of yarn and strung them on like popcorn garlands at Christmas time. Tie a knot in both ends so the paper doesn’t slide off. Wear this around your waist like a belt…Green Waste

Being fully dressed–of course, hang a sign around your neck that reads, “Nudist on Strike.” Nudist on Strike

Tape newspaper around your body and write “BAD” across the middle…Bad News

Cut a huge letter C out of craft foam and pin it to your shirt…Sea Foam

Cut out 5 o 6 small letter C’s out of different colored construction paper. Tape or pin them to one side of your clothing…Sea Side

Draw a large quarter and pin it on your back…Quarterback

Here’s a good one from the Pittsburg Tribune-Review:

Dress conservatively like a teacher (hair in a bun, skirt and sweater, glasses on a chain). Then stick a paper airplane in the back of your hair, tape a “Kick Me” sign on your back, cover your hands, face and clothes with chalk prints, and attach staples and paper clips to your clothes. Substitute Teacher

I hope you’ll show us what you come up with. Have a great day!

9 Replies to “10 Seriously Last Minute Costume Ideas…”

  1. I love silly little costumes like this! πŸ™‚ It makes it a lot easier to enjoy the holiday if you don’t feel like spending $50 plus for every costume you need!

    You can always change the “bad” to “good” and be GOOD NEWS… just as easy.

    Just remember to look around the house and find what you already have. For instance… if you have LOADS of jewelry (even use the kid stuff) wear as MUCH as you possibly can and be a JEWELRY RACK or JEWLRY TREE or whatever.

    Nate once used a white t-shirt and drew thick black lines down it and wore sunglasses. He stumbled into the room, feeling the walls… because he was a BLIND REFEREE! Heh heh.

    It doesn’t have to be hard! πŸ™‚ Just creative!

  2. Hi Launi my friend. You have the sweeeetest blog. I really love it. You always made me laugh when you were here in the ward, and reading your posts just reminded me again of that fun, spunky attitude you have. We need some more people like you back here in the Ward. Where did you go anyways?

  3. Love the ideas!! We had a little rabbit costume that we bought for Avery before she was even born. My parents have a Halloween party the Sunday before Halloween every year and until the last minute, I couldn’t think of what Neil and I would go as. Friday morning it came to me. Check out my blog to see what we ended up dressing as! My mom doesn’t give away prizes because sadly, there are certain members of my family that would be upset if they or their kids didn’t win EVERY year!! But she told Neil and I numerous times that if she DID give away prizes, we would have won first place!!

    So excited for the blog too! I need to start gathering my recipes to submit. Who are the judges? And I take it you’ll be making all of the entries? πŸ™‚ Mmmmm…. maybe I should have some similar contest on my blog…only they have to bring me the soup! πŸ™‚

  4. There aren’t judges–it’s a drawing. So the more you submit (two per day limit)the more chances you have to win! I do want to try the recipes…we are actually making one tonight for supper. But if I get 10,000 entries THAT could take a while.

  5. I guess it would help if I had read the contest page more closely! Or listened more closely, since you had already said that when we were there last week! πŸ™‚ Silly me…

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