Spaghetti Sauce, etc.

I found this incredible spaghetti sauce recipe at Soule Mama and initially we only made a single batch—from the tomatoes in our garden–and had it for supper. But it was so good that we ended up leaving the noodles in the pan and sopping it up with an entire loaf of Italian bread.


That evening we bought another bushel of tomatoes and made enough sauce to last till January. The spices are just perfect–in fact, we had two neighbors come to the door to see what the fabulous smell was. One little pint was all we could spare… (snicker)

So at the end of the day, my daughter’s husband said, “Wow…you smell really goood…

…like pizza or something.”


Note: The measurements for basil in this recipe are for FRESH basil. Please don’t add 1/2 cup of dried basil–that’s about 4 times too much.



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