Seeing For Ourselves

The “Up” house…

We loved it!

It was beautiful…


and even more adorable in real life than we could have imagined.

I got goose bumps. Chompy giggled. Lyndi tried not to cry…didn’t work.

Totally worth the drive.

I’ve put in my order…I’ll keep you posted.

:}                                                                                                                                                                          573

8 Replies to “Seeing For Ourselves”

  1. It melts my heart. I would absolutely live there! Reminds me of the houses in upstate New York… *swoon*

  2. It looks like (except for the paint colors) my sis in laws house in Canisteo, NY. I love it!

  3. Yeah the neighborhood committee is apparently making them repaint it after the Parade of Homes. Sheesh…how lame.

  4. Now, now… I don’t think I cried there. I’m pretty sure I cried when I saw pictures of the nursery they painted the same way Ellie did in the movie! 😉 I’m tempted to buy a ticket to the Parade of Homes just so I can see the inside… but then I really would cry there! 😉

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