Salad In a Jar

This week–just for the heck of it, we made salads in a jar. I thought it was one of the most clever things I’d found on Pinterest. Makes it a fabulous, healthy thing to grab and go–which of course is always good.

We began with clean wide-mouth quart mason jars.


Next we cut up Romaine lettuce and baby spinach…


then added shredded carrots…

and chopped celery.

Then we simply started packing it in the jars…

and topped them with a handful of sweet little grape tomatoes.


Next we just put on the lids and bands and TA-DAAAA!

Beautiful, crunchy salad in a jar, just waiting for you to add dressing and shake it up. Or you could be civilized and pour it into a bowl and then add the dressing.

Either way. These little pretties will keep for about 5 days–and save you from the hassle of making a new salad each day.

Imagine how clever you’re going to feel.

You can thank me later.


5 Replies to “Salad In a Jar”

  1. Nice! I should make these on Sunday and have one every day for 5 days and start over. 🙂 What a great way to stay healthy even when in a hurry.

  2. Yum! I should make some of these. They remind me of the shaker salads at McDonald’s years ago. They were great to just add dressing and shake. 😉

  3. Aren’t they pretty? Too bad all mine froze before I could eat them. It was very, very sad. But I’ll make some more and store them on a lower shelf in the fridge. :}

  4. I LOVE this idea! I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that has healthy meals and snacks all prepared before-hand but never done much about it. I’ll help you make more and we can be salad eating fiends! 😀

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