Ready To Rip


My sweet Jillian came over one day with her work gloves on…


and said, “Are you ready to rip out that carpet, and have a look at what is underneath?”


She’s a very brave soul and I’m more the contented with whatever, “Ummm, sure!” kind of person.


So, I stepped back and she started yanking–only took her about 15 minutes and she had the whole thing loose and curled up in the middle of the room.


Sure enough–there was dusty, staple-y, positively potentially lovely hardwood underneath that blue carpet.


I am officially the staple remover, duster, sweeper lady now. When that’s finished, I think we’ll have a dang pretty floor here.

That’s my bet.

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2 Replies to “Ready To Rip”

  1. I was going to tell you yesterday that it looks beautiful. You did a great job getting everything out so it’s original beauty can shine.

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