::Quilts For Japan:: With Love

Ahhhh….the piles are getting higher and higher–thank you everyone–and there’s still a lot going on around here to help our sweet friends in Japan.

We are still designing…


(aren’t those painter’s tape measuring lines brilliant?!–wow April!)




and making it all come together.

We’ll be sending the quilts out —hopefully early next week–to Dana at Quilter’s Newsletter, in Colorado, where they will be shipped to Japan and distributed to those who are cold and suffering. We need to hurry.   :]

We have 34 finished, 7 that need binding or tying, about 12 farmed out to friends, and 24 kits that are bagged and tagged and waiting for some loving souls to take them home and complete them–quickly, quickly. If you’d like to help–please email me at Launi@GraciousRain.com–and we will hook you up!

Check out Sachiko’s  at Tea Rose Home’s post about April’s Quilts For Japan event–with some great pictures–as well as April’s Quilt’s For Japan Update.


3 Replies to “::Quilts For Japan:: With Love”

  1. So so so cool! That is a ton. Plus I see some fabric is still needing to be used. What a great blog post. It was so sweet.

  2. That’s a lot of quilts… in all different stages. Great job everyone, thanks for all your hard work. It’s great to have a way to help people.

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