Playing in the Dirt…


We finally, FINALLY put our cute little garden in last week and just sat back to cross our fingers.


garden-011ornamental white mini pumpkin
garden-012ornamental regular mini pumpkin
garden-013regular big pumpkin–ok, we’re pumpkin freaks here. I know.



Bless their seedy-planty little hearts—they are growing! For those of you who are thinking, “DUH-what did you expect?” I’d say–whenever we bury a little seed or plant into the ground and it really actually grows–isn’t is still a wonder?

may-31-070Oh, I’m just so proud of you– you cute little radishes!

Tell the truth–when you plant a package of seeds don’t you go check every morning to see if something is poking it’s head up out of the dirt yet? And when you find some brave little sprout…aren’t you so excited and happy and…well….isn’t it just SO COOL?

Ok, I’m done.

My seed-dirt-plant-sprout worship session is over.

“Thanks for noticing me,” and my baby garden.

Tell me–What are YOU planting these days?

11 Replies to “Playing in the Dirt…”

  1. Oh how I wish we had a garden. Or at least a balcony that got more than two hours of direct sunlight a day.

  2. I am so proud of you for planting a garden. I don’t have a garden but I working on helping my little dolly grow big and strong! 🙂

  3. We have quadrupaled (sp?) our garden space this year. We planted 11 tomatoe plants, 15 pepper plants, basil, lavendar, rosemary, oregano, 60 pea plants, garlic, two types of onions, and to top it all off someone very special gave me these amazing seeds and from them I have planted white mini pumkins, Jack-o-lantern pumkins and cucumbers…we also had some (a few hundred that we have pruned down to seven (after giving many away)) pumkin plants that spontaniously grew after composting a pumpkin last year… so we are pumkin obsessed too, but I have so much area in my back yard that is going to be COVERED with plants come late summer! AND I still want to plant corn, carrotts and radishes, we will see if it happens.

  4. Summer–Maybe you could try one of those indoor hanging tomato thingys that they show on TV. They look really cool.

  5. Kathy you are working on your own little sprout right now. Besides–from the looks of our patch–we will be able to supply the neighborhood and a couple of small countries with cucumbers and pumpkins. Yikes!

  6. Alex—Holy cow, girl! You guys are going to love all that stuff. It sounds like you’re planting a salsa garden or something. Yum!

  7. We planted our first garden this year. My hubby is totally into the topsy turvy planter. He made a raised bed garden on wheels that can be moved around the yard. The topsy turvy planters hang from the top. We have 3 different types of tomatoes currently growing in them plus 1 jalapeno plant. Then we planted beans, cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers, onions, cauliflower, broccoli and who knows what else. Right now the tomato plants & the beans are doing fabulous. Our cilantro died & our cucumber is not looking too good. So hopefully everything else survives the heat of summer. I never saw any mini pumpkin seeds. I’m going to search for them & plant those as well. We don’t have the space for gigantic pumpkins.

    We did just pick the biggest juiciest peaches off our tree. And apples too. But they are sour apples, I don’t like sour apples. I’m hoping our plum tree will get plums this year. It’s been hit & miss for the past few years. And since popcorn has already popped on our apricot tree, we should have apricots later this month.

  8. Kim–so the topsy-turvy things work? That is so good to know. They look so much more fun than the back ache of the regular plants. Let me know if you don’t find the mini pumpkins and I’ll send you a pack. They are cool. What a great garden you’re having!

  9. Yay for gardens… I’m sooo excited for all the pumpkins!!! I want to keep learning about gardens and trees so our yard can be awesome someday!!! I’m always amazed by seeds too! I don’t think I’m pessimistic, I just worry that we did it wrong… sooo when something grows it’s a miricle!

  10. So we are planting (notice the future tense – hopefully it will happen by this weekend) our first garden ever this year. We’re trying the square foot gardening method. So far the only for sure things are zucchini and crookneck squash (both will be grown vertically), at least 4 varieties of tomatoes, a couple of peppers, onions, & garlic. I want to plant a couple other things, but am not sure what I can plant this late? I want to try cucumbers (not sure if I have the room though), possibly radishes, cilantro, romaine lettuce, and peas. Pretty sure I’m too late on a lot of that stuff though. Launi – did you plant your peas by seed? How about your radishes? I suppose you could just tell me what was by seed and what was by transplant. 🙂 And when exactly did you get them in the ground?

    And I agree with Lyndi – I always am worried that something will go wrong. I’ve never done this before, so I’m worried that I’ll be disheartened if it doesn’t work. 🙁

  11. Hey Jodi–
    We planted everything exactly one week ago today–because both Nate and Rhen were home and therefore…the man power behind it all. The only transplants or “starts” that we bought at the nursery were the peppers, tomatoes, garlic, watermelon and zucchini. The peas and radishes are fast up and really hard to do wrong. I just toss the seeds in a row and when they come up after about a week or two you thin them so that each plant has an inch or so around it. That makes them happier. Our cucumbers are really in thick so I’ll likely have to thin some of them too–but since they are viney they don’t care as much if the actual root is a bit crowded. You can plant peas every two weeks all summer long. Just plant two rows and wait two weeks and plant two more, etc. Then when the first two rows are spent (eaten)you still have some coming and you can tug out the old plants and start some more. I am trying a grow box this year. It’s a new adventure for us. The peppers and radishes and peas are in there. Everything else is in the regular ground. We are still contemplating corn–because we have room. Haven’t done it yet though. You can do it–Tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and radishes are all very user friendly. Let me know if I can help you. Way to go!

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