6 Replies to “Boxed Babies”

  1. Seriously. The “toys” that get the most playtime around here are empty boxes, and an empty, clean, garbage can.

  2. I think it’s sooo cute when they do that!!! Sitting in boxes, wearing buckets on their heads! Sooo funny!!! I suppose that’s why it doesn’t make sense to buy them the crazy expensive toys that will entertain you in 17 different ways while speaking 6 different languages and playing 12 different songs. Simplicity. That’s what entertains… who would have thought!

  3. They wont out grow this any time soon either…my boys still climb into every box and bucket they can find!

  4. I believe that we have pictures of Rhen in a box too… so size definitely doesn’t stop anyone when a box is concerned either! 😉 So great!

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