While visiting the house the other day with the family, the kids came in shrieking that I needed to “come out back NOW!!”

There, nestled in the tall grass was an adorable tiny owl. I’m no owl expert, but it looked to me like a sleepy little baby just waiting for it’s mama to swoop down and take him home. We stayed back so as not to scare him. But honestly, he didn’t seem to mind our “Oooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing,” and all the “isn’t he so sweet-ing?” that we just couldn’t help. He seemed to sleep right through most of it, except for the occasional one eye, drifting open for a second and then falling shut again.

He reminded me of Ron Weasley’s tiny owl, Pigwidgeon, from the Harry Potter series. In fact, I’m going to take him in my own back yard, as a good omen.

For one who wholeheartedly believes in fairies, unicorns, dragons, pixies and anything else whimsical and sparkling…it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to say…

this place feels incredibly…



Makes me pretty happy.

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