Personal Native American Placecards

Oh, baby–here they come. Pocahontas and her pals. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Remember last year when we filled the table with Pilgrims? Well, we have their counter parts all ready for you.

You can download your very own Personal Native American Placecards–right this minute. Color them or use them as a pattern for colored paper cut outs…

or let the papooses do it for you…either way.

Cut out the pieces–clip the fringe strip so it looks like…fringe.

Now you can do this a couple of ways. Either roll the dress and staple it–like we did for the pilgrims–or wrap the dress and fringe around a tissue tube–which is what we did.

Next, glue or tape the family face of your choice above the neck of the dress…

or whatever you call it when you force a brave to wear it.

You can tape or glue the fringe at the neck or at the bottom…or in the middle for that matter. But that would be kind of ugly. We’re letting the older kiddos make their own –so I’ll show you the results of that soon. But I wanted you to have the pattern now so that you could get going on them before the table is set. 

I think your little babies will love these little babies.

Ours did. 

Pilgrim Placecards

Turkey Placecards

10 Replies to “Personal Native American Placecards”

  1. Seriously? We’re part Native American and we don’t have a problem with common, stereotypical images–even if they are a bit playful. Dutch girls with wooden shoes, Oriental ladies with chopsticks in their hair, a Scottish man in a kilt,or a Hawaiian girl in a hula skirt—these are merely normal heritage concepts and not meant to be offensive in any way.

  2. My name is Dee and I own The CSI Project. It is a craft competition blog. I am starting a new blog all about kids crafts called The CSI project Kids. The first challenge is Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and I would love to have you do a tutorial. This one is perfect because it will be the week of November 4th. I would just ask that you edit this post and introduce yourself and your blog and include your kids. I am also looking for mom and kid guest judges.
    Look at The CSI Project for an idea on how it works. We have a guest judge each week that picks the winners.
    Email me if you are interested. I would love to have you.
    The CSI kids is not up yet but being built.

  3. I am commenting on the woman who said this is racist. She wants a vanilla world. So sad.
    Thank you for this really cute project.

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