Perfectly Perfect

100 Happy Days #51


The sky has been doing this marvelous thing lately.


Several days in a row now.


Clouding up and rumbling with thunder and then covering everything with such pretty, pretty rain.

Oh, it’s positively my favorite thing in all the world…




I’m always overwhelmed with the need to bake something when it does this. Not even because I want to eat cookies or warm bread or brownies–though that does sound lovely too…


but more because that’s what my momma would have done if she were here listening to this pretty rain.

Seems to me that perfect habits should continue on without interruption.

Now, if I can just find some chocolate chips.

Duty calls.




4 Replies to “Perfectly Perfect”

  1. I’ve been loving this summer rain too. Sometimes it scares me a little because I’m parranoid of a tornado every time there’s a lot of wind lol. But yet I love the wind, and the rain, and its all so gorgeous.. Theres something so homey and warm feeling about cooking a comfort food at a time like that..

  2. These are beautiful photos of an awesome time of year. I love that it always comes at just the right time. We’ve spent all this time outside during the Summer and then Autumn comes reminding us to slow down a little and cuddle up inside. 🙂

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