Penny Pinching

cracker-jack…when a dime bought something good?

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I just went shopping with my sister Laurie and believe me–I witnessed a pro in action. This chicky is really a coupon queen. She bought name brand stuff–that I never even look at because it’s too expensive–and paid pennies on the dollar. No kidding. The register rang up $88.00 and she only paid $37.00. Less than HALF. I had to keep reminding myself to snap my mouth back shut. I was speechless and you know that is a rare thing.


...when bathtime cost 49 cents?

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So, I’m tired of being too busy to use coupons–because, quite frankly, I can’t afford to be too busy. When my dollar won’t stretch to afford all that I have in the cart–I have always put things back. Well, not anymore! I’m going to pull out my trusty coupons and take all that loot home.

Now if I could only figure out how.


…the big box cost 15 cents?

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So I asked her if she would do a little coupon class for all of us would-be penny pinchers–if I promised to make brownies or something…

…and she agreed. WAHOO!

So are you ready to be amazing? Who is interested?

Let me know in the “reply” section below and we’ll pick an evening in the next few weeks and post it here. It will be fabulous! For those of you interested–but out of the area–we’ll post the highlights here as well, so you can join the “Wise Women of the Mountain Coupon Club,” from a distance. This will be so fun!

New Year’s Goal #10

I will be more careful with the money I make in order to stretch it farther.

6 Replies to “Penny Pinching”

  1. Count me in on the long distance group. Coupons make it possible for me to get things I normally wouldn’t or to try a new product, but I’ve never ever saved more than half on my total bill. Usually only 10 – 15% of the total. This would be so helpful right now. I’ll be waiting.

  2. I love that. Our ward is doing one with our own “coupon lady” on February 25. It is a one time class and I have never seen her pay full price for anything. It never hurts to go to another one either. count me in.

  3. I’m sooo there! I don’t know if I’ll be going to the ward one or not. I would really like to, but I’m still figuring out what is best for my little squish! 🙂 This is such a great idea! 🙂

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