Orderly Wheat Station


I suppose you’re thinking, “What the heck does that mean?” I’ll tell you. Ever since I was a young pup, I’ve wanted to have an organized spot where I could keep the wheat and corn and rice that we have stored, in a safe, clean, orderly place. Somewhere that I could get to easily and run it through the grinder any time I needed too, without any fuss. Finally, finally…I figured out how to do it.

When Daney boy got married and moved to Idaho, he left behind this cute little computer desk. Hmmmm….I thought, let me just scoot that into a convenient corner of the garage. So I did.

Then, a dear friend brought over a busload of quart sized jugs which gave me a positively brilliant idea.


What if I took some of the big heavy buckets of wheat, that are really hard to lug around and lift and stack and–well, you get the idea–and poured some of the wheat into smaller containers that were much easier to manage?


So first, I cut the bottom off of one of the jugs and made a handy, dandy wheat scoop out of it.


Clever, yes?


Then I started filling the wheat jugs…


and stacking them on the shelf, that now holds the grinder and canisters that I need to make up a bit of flour at a moments’ notice. And get this–one of those quart jugs holds the exact amount of wheat to fill the grinder for one batch of flour. Ahhh…perfection.

Weird topic for a blog post, I guess–but it’s been a long time coming–and to finally have more order in the storage room…

makes me very happy indeed.

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  1. Wow! Awesome idea! Makes sense to put it into smaller containers. Easier to move around too if you need to find a new spot.

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