On A Winter’s Day

Took a little stroll around the yard with the little Missy this afternoon…you know, just to see how things are going for all the neglected things outside in the cold. It’s been so long.

Periwinkle…in there somewhere…


Faded, pretend chicken, still hanging out under the rosebush…


Strawberries hanging on…

and the silly little Buddah man–just happy to be here. He looks cold though.

The fruit trees are trying to bud–and they shouldn’t be doing that…

not in February.

Cute kitty…

and Nessie are still with us…thank goodness.

Even our music stick is in fine shape in this crazy 22 degree weather.

She lasted longer than I did, this little snow baby of ours. I’m heading in for some Peppermint tea…and a brownie.

I’ll watch from the window on this chilly winter day.


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  1. She’s been wanting to go out and play in the snow for so long! I’m glad she at least got to make “prints” because she keeps talking about making a snowman… and there just hasn’t been any snow! :S Glad to see the yard creatures are surviving this weird winter!

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