Nativity Story Advent

There’s definitely a ton going on these days– sewing, planning, setting up and stashing away. But in the meantime, I thought you might be interested in this sweet little Nativity Story Advent Calendar that popped up the other day. It’s colorful and bright and ready to be printed off–I suggest card stock–and cut out. I’m thinking of laminating ours and sticking little magnets on the back. That’ll make it easy to use on the fridge.

Whether you use it as an actual advent or just as a lovely way to tell the Baby Jesus story to your family—doesn’t really matter. I think they’ll love it. Find it for yourself—right here:

Nativity Advent

Well–I’m off to string up some lights and decorate a tree. Wish me luck!




Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Kathy!

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  1. These would be REALLY cute as magnets! What a great idea!

    Good luck with the tree! Be sure to post pictures when you’re done! 😉

    Happy Birthday Grandpa! Love you lots and miss you just as much!

    Happy Birthday Kathy! 😀

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