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“You can be excellent in every way. You can be first class. There is no need for you to be a scrub. Respect yourself. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Do not dwell on unkind things others may say about you. Polish and refine whatever talents the Lord has given you. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life and look for its opportunities.”

~ Gordon B. Hinckley

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  1. Am I the first to comment? Wow- TRULY inspiring words! I’d love to go on and on about stories and feelings as to why this is so true but instead I am just going to go out and practice living this! Thank you launi and thanks to our late President Hinckley! (is that right, calling him late pres? it sounds weird but I didnt know what else to say)

  2. Rachael–thanks so much for your comment. Believe me, I need them. For some reason, I don’t actually get very many and it makes me sad sometimes. But I’m so glad that this quote inspired you–like it did me. My favorite part is “go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye…” Isn’t that adorable?

    Thanks again.

  3. Yes, the twinkle reminds me of him. ^_^

    What you need m’dear is to generate more traffic! that’s what networking is all about and once you build yourself a fanbase, why, you can do just about anything! and I know people adore you, Launi, because you are a wonderful person who is good at making friends 😉 You just need a way to get your blog ‘out there’… you know, introduce it, ask for referrals, tell people you need to reach a goal of 50 subscribers by “such and such” date, whatever you can think of! Lol, partially, I am saying this to myself because I have the same problem to tackle… but you just gotta keep your chin up and keep being awesome! So many people could benefit from you sunshine, Launi, and you’re wicked awesome recipes… not to mention the good influence of hypnobirthing 😉

    Love you! Really.

  4. I just got a little idea for helping to share your blog with people I know on facebook! Do you have a nice picture that you took or is of you or something that I could make into a painting? If you do, send it to me, I’ll whip up some art and then when I feature the artwork on the pages I visit I will also tell them about graciousrain and tell them to visit for me and tell me what they liked…

    what do you think? you up for something like that?
    or does it sound like not your thing…

  5. Oh, it totally sounds like my kind of thing. What type of picture would you like? Do you want to look around on the blog for something or would you like me to find something new? Sounds kinda fun. :}

  6. I love this quote… and especially enjoy that Pres. Hinckley said it. He was VERY qualified to encourage us to do everything listed above. I miss him and that twinkle in his eye. What a kind, sweet man. Thanks for sharing this great quote!

  7. I couldn’t find any photos of you I could use so I was thinking I could make a fun painting of some of the lovely foods you make! got any favorites? remember, I need good color and composition for the photo.

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