Kid History Party

If you are a YouTube fan–it’s quite likely that you’ve seen the “Kid History” series of mini films–and laughed your guts out like we have. When the 5th episode came out, the guys from the show held a premier right here in our hometown–because it’s their hometown too. You know us…”any excuse for a party,” so–of course, we were there!

They showed all four episodes and talked about how they made them–then we got to see the newest one. Then everyone came up to the stage and met them all.

Even many of the kids were there signing shirts and having their pictures taken. I was content to stand waaaay far back and take pictures.

Brett Roberts–one of the main stars came out to the line and talked to us. He was really nice.

Of course, I was way to shy–hahaha–to go down on the stage, but the rest of the family went and that was good enough for me. Randy even recognized April from high school. Pretty fun stuff.

Finally they signed a shirt for me…

If you aren’t sure what I’m even talking about–I’ll show you.

We love these guys!!

PS- If you watch episode 5–we are in the crowd scene at the very end, yelling “Super Delicious!”


Happy Birthday Amy!

4 Replies to “Kid History Party”

  1. Happy birthday yesterday Amy! Also, it makes me really happy that we’re at the end of the Episode 5 video šŸ™‚

  2. We are soo jealous!! I was just telling Keanna a few nights ago that it would be soo fun to meet them in person!! She loves to quote them all the time and has us all in stitches she’s so good at it!! šŸ™‚

  3. I don’t think these will EVER stop being funny to me! šŸ˜‰ I LOVE the Kid History shows, the people and the party! I’m so glad we went!

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