Keeping Secrets

One year at Christmas time my little, then three-year-old Lyndi, wanted to help me wrap some presents for Daddy. Seemed harmless enough, so I let her do all the easy stuff–you know, “hand Mommy the tape,” and “pick which paper,” that sort of thing. The whole time I carefully explained to her that all these presents were secrets until Christmas morning and to be sure not to tell Daddy or it would spoil his surprise. We even practiced. Oh, how she promised to keep the secret.

Then Daddy came home.

She ran up to him and grabbed his legs and said, “Guess what? We wrapped your Christmas present today.”

Uh-oh, I think.

“It’s a secret…”

Good girl, good girl…

“…so I can’t tell you…”

That’s right, good job!

“…what it is…”

Well done!

“…but it ticks.”


If you’d have known this particular little sweetheart, you wouldn’t have been able to be mad at her, any more than I could at the time. Especially, since–from what I’m told, I was the very same sort of kid. Apparently, Christmas secrets or any other kind were just not safe with me. I don’t remember being the surprise spoiling blabber-mouth, but according to my siblings…I was.

Having lived a million years, since that time–I think I’m a little better at it…but sometimes it’s still really hard. I love to share surprises more than anything, which makes keeping a secret for very long–a trial. Probably why I have the “Secrets” tab on this very blog. I need to tell someone!

Then this very cool thing happened. Our household recently discovered a notebook stuffed full of “secret” famous recipes–just waiting to be tried and shared. And what-do-you-know, I’m really good at both things!  This could be the healing enterprise that I need…and the cool, famous restaurant favorites that  you need!  Hee hee hee.

So stand by. I’ve got some great recipes coming. Some from the “Secret Notebook” and some serendipitous finds from other places.

In fact, we’ll start with Brazilian Limeade, served at places like Tucano’s, from my sweet friend Susette.

What you choose to do with the secrets….

…is up to you.



PS—You are welcome to request a restaurant favorite and I’ll go on a hunt for it as well.  ;}


4 Replies to “Keeping Secrets”

  1. My husband’s family has a similar story. For Father’s Day, one of the siblings said, “Bet you can’t guess what your gift is. It’s not a shirt with hands on it!” (It was a T-shirt with their handprints on it.) How exciting…I can’t wait to see more recipes!

  2. All I could do was laugh as I read this. It’s in the blood. I used to find it very entertaining to randomly say, “What did you get me?” to April. Then one time she slipped and said something that more or less let me know. Oh, she was mad and I learned real quick not to spoil any of my surprises, anymore.

    And the limeade was very yummy, by the way.

  3. Maybe we should call it “Blabber Blood.” It seems to be unstoppable. :] I’m picking up more limes tonight because I NEED to make more. Dang it was good!

  4. 😛 I don’t think I’m sooo bad anymore… in THAT department at least!!! I’m still a blabber mouth… but I try to keep the spoiling-secrets-blabbing to a minimum!

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