Joseph’s Dilemma

The other day when I showed you some of my favorite nativity sets–I left this teeny, tiny one out…

for a very good reason. Can you see it?

Oh, sure–everyone’s smiling and happy…or so you think.

Look a bit more closely…at Joseph. Is it just me, or does he seem to have a slightly deranged stressed look on his face? Why yes he does. You see, this is the first time he’s been left to tend the baby and even with all that help, he still wishes Mary would come back…from the mall…before he…snaps.

Poor Joseph. What he doesn’t know, is that…

Mary isn’t coming back.

Rumor has it, she was accidentally sucked up by the vacuum last year…

or eaten by a 2 year old—can’t remember which.

Let’s not tell him. With all that company, he has enough on his plate.

Heh, heh.

10 Replies to “Joseph’s Dilemma”

  1. Thank you for my morning smile. You really had me looking at the first picture thinking there REALLY was something wrong with the figurine! After reading all that you wrote, I can’t stop smiling!! 🙂

  2. You are too funny Launi! Spent the morning catching up with Gracious Rain. With my new little one, I haven’t been keeping up quite as well. But after perusing what I’ve missed, I am glad to see all is well in your world. Hope you and yours has a very happy holiday season.

  3. Ha ha ha… oh sheesh. That’s funny! Poor Joseph! 😉 He’ll get the hang of things soon enough and I’m sure it’ll be easier once all the guests leave. Ha ha ha!

  4. OHhhh–Congratulations!!! Details, I need details! Boy? Girl? When? How big? You know…all that. Hope all is well at your home as well. Merry, merry Christmas my friend! :} :}

  5. I thought the praying angel was Mary–had her hands together because she was so thrilled to have the baby OUT…..yeah, having no ‘mom’ on the room and barn yard animals IN the room could make a person a bit overwhelmed!

  6. @Launi,
    Thanks dear friend!

    Reagan Elizabeth (my 3rd girl) was born on 11/29 at 11:59pm (literally seconds before the 30th). She was 20 inches long and 8lbs 9oz. She’s absolutely perfect. Her sisters can’t get enough of her. I literally have to tell them to stop kissing her multiple times a day (sweet and annoying at the same time, lol). 😀

  7. You know…I feel like I’ve been the mom in the room with a house full of barn yard animals from time to time. Not so much anymore…but then again…

  8. Ohhhhh—of course she’s perfect!! I’d love to see picture of you all. That would be fun. And as far as I know–no one was ever permanently harmed from too much kissing! Sleep deprived perhaps…
    Congratulations my sweet friend.
    Kiss that sweet thing for me…when she got a spare minute. haha!

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