Indian Corn Napkin Holders

Now, you may not believe this–but today is National Button Day. No, I swear. It is. You can Google it.

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So, in honor of this fabulous, unforgettable holiday I present to you this sweet napkin holder. Doesn’t it just look like a cob of Indian corn? It was actually really fun to make by myself, but it would be a wonderful project for the kids too. So if you find yourself up to your neck in pie dough and you need to keep your sweeties occupied, this could very well be just the activity you are looking for.

All you need is a bag of craft sticks–like popsicle sticks, paper tubes, random corn colored buttons and craft clue.

You simply put a stripe of glue on the stick…

and glue the buttons on—in any order that suites you. You can use red, brown, yellow, black, white, cream and orange.

I even used dark blue and purple ones here and there.

While the button sticks are drying–if you want to–you can paint the tube yellow or orange. It’s fine left the way it is–but I wondered if it would look better painted, so I gave mine a coat of orange acrylic.

Once you’ve glued the buttons to the sticks–then glue the sticks to the paper tubes.

Once they are dry and set–they are ready to pretty-up your Thanksgiving table.

And a very happy National Button Day–to you!

6 Replies to “Indian Corn Napkin Holders”

  1. It looks way good with the orange coat of paint! I love it. I might have to make some with my girls…now if I could only find my jar of buttons…

  2. These are way too cute. We are working on a Thanksgiving Lapbook right now in our schooling and these would be a great art project to do with the kids. Thanks for the creative idea. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. Happy Button Day!!! *:D* I looked it up just in case… (I had to… you brought it up!) and it’s true, it’s really true!!! Flair for everyone!!!

    Thanksgiving is happy and so is this cute little button project! I love it!!! 🙂

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