Grandmother Willow

Some of you may not know this, but Grandmother Willow actually lives in our backyard.

No kidding.

I’ll tell you, she is one huge, unruly, ominous tree with disobedient branches scrawling clear across the yard.

Again, I’m not kidding.

Some of the limbs were so long and scary that we had to worry that in a good hard wind storm, we might have few fence casualties. Not OK.

There was nothing to do but to call for Lumberjack Dane.

Oh, he chopped and hacked and twisted and yanked…

and hacked and sawed and piled. That’ll teach the old girl to stay within the borders of Munchkin land and not wander off on forbidden paths.

At last, Grandmother Willow was subdued, but it was no small deal. In fact, it was back breaking work for the Lumberjack dude.

Luckily there was a comfy Bungie Chair with his name on it…

there were pretty little cheerleaders to watch and clap just at the right moment…

and Otter Pops…always, always…there are Otter Pops. What cannot be accomplished with such a combo, I ask you?

Next up…world domination.

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