Giveaway- Covered Clipboards

We have a new giveaway that I think you’ll love…

We are giving away three of our covered clipboards along with 6 matching pebble magnets. These used to be plain, old, boring. brown wood–but with a little imagination and some scrapbook paper, well–just look at how pretty they turned out. In fact, you could clip an 8 x 10 photograph onto these boards and you would have a darling picture hanger. Use these cute things however you want to–even like a …clipboard–the possibilities are endless.

Reply to this post to be entered in the giveaway. We’ll announce the winner on Saturday January 3rd.

Oh, and if you don’t win, stay tuned. We’ll show you how to make some of these pretty clipboards yourself, real soon.

Good luck!

9 Replies to “Giveaway- Covered Clipboards”

  1. Pick me, pick me! Those are so darling. I’ve made smaller clip boards into picture holders before, but I love the the pebbles. Are the clip boards magnetized someway so you can use the pebbles with them? You guys are amazing.

  2. Good job Mom… they look great! 🙂 We gotta get some more people to enter. 😛 You’d think everyone was on Christmas vacation or something! :p

  3. okay I admit that I don’t enter because I don’t want to feel greedy but I truly truly love these!!! Lyndi is so funny and I quote “Pick me, pick me” and “I love these” and “I’m only making a comment to try and get Lyndi to SHUT up about the freaking free giveaway.”

    Did I really just say all that? I promise Launi I really don’t talk like that in real life. My kids would scold me if I said the S word. I’m not dissing Lyndi though, oh boy I need to just be quiet now. Have a wonderful new year’s eve. We will be bawling our eyes out after putting Jordan into the MTC. See that is one reason right there why you should pick me :0

    Okay I’m really done now. Love ya!

  4. SO CUTE! Where do you keep coming up with all these fun ideas? Anything to make the “boring” more “beautiful” is great with me!

  5. Totally cute. I would love to make some. Can’t wait for that blog. You guys sure come up with fun stuff. I have more ideas for you, I just need to gather them all up.
    Love ya,

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