Gingerbread Man and More…In Felt

Jiffy 2-18-08

It was a frosty 17 degrees today. Even Jif is needing a blanket.

December 12, 2008 012

Gingerbread Man

This little guy was a last minute project for a Christmas party a few years back. A cookie cutter makes a great pattern. Trace it onto paper and cut it from light brown felt. The cheeks were cut with a single hole punch and the heart is just free hand. Sew the heart and cheeks and face on first. Then blanket stitch the back to the front and stuff with batting just before closing him up. It didn’t take too long–and hour and a half/two hours-ish. The hardest part was that the gold thread was really a pain to work with. It’s very tangley.

December 12, 2008 019

Christmas Tree Cookie

Cookie cutter works here too. Cut a smaller one for the colored “frosting.” Sew the bead “sprinkles” or french knot “decos” on the frosting before blanket stitching them together with embroidery thread. Sew cookie pieces together and stuff with batting just before closing.

felt-001Christmas Star Cookie

The directions are the same as for the Tree…except that it’s…a star.

5 Replies to “Gingerbread Man and More…In Felt”

  1. I LOVE the ones that look like cookies!!! πŸ™‚ I’m a fan of things that wish they were edible!!! I should try this. I haven’t been feeling sooo very crafty lately… but I really do like these!!! MAYbe I’ll figure out how to sew someday! πŸ˜‰

  2. Those used to be some of my favorite ornaments to look at when I was younger.

    Oh, and no the picture wih Jiffy was not staged. She crawled out from under my blankets like some kind of ninja.

  3. What I really need to know is where I can get one of the stunning pink quilts which appear frequently on this website? I love it!!

  4. Lest you mistakenly think I’m THAT clever~
    my pink patchwork quilt came from “The Village Quilt Shop” in Gardner Village, West Jordan, Utah. So there you have it. I love to sew, but so far, I’m not much of a quilter. Now my daughter, April–is actually a quilting designer and is quite crafty…so it’s in the genes somewhere. Perhaps I’m the generation quilting skills skipped.


  5. I always loved frosted cookies at Christmas. Your ornaments bring back so many memories and make me want some today.

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