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  1. Rob and I went bowling, and we ran into a group of teens that pulled off the exact same thing in Fat Cats. It was SO WEIRD!! Definatly fun to see though. They were SO STILL. Looked some what fake too. They were there for only about 5 minutes too and then left. One guy was holding a broom, one girl was looking for someone, another person picking up a pencil they dropped, and one guy looking for a ball. I totally would love to do something like this in a massive group. Anyone want to join?

  2. I showed it to everyone in my family & they all thought it was pretty cool. It reminded me of playing statue maker before Primary when I was a kid. Remember when Primary was held on a week day? We always played games out on the church lawn before Primary. Statue maker was one of them. It was fun to freeze & try to stay frozen. Oh, and we also played freeze tag, red light, green light, Simon sez & Red Rover. So this video reminded me of being a child. Thanks!

  3. They are called Flash Mobs and you can find some local ones going on on Facebook. We were invited to come to one in Park City a few months ago where everyone was suppose to stop and stare at the clock tower or something. It would have been in the middle of the Film Festival. Turned out to be tooo snowy and they canceled it.

  4. I have no idea how they all stayed so still. I’m sure it’s really hard to do. Some of them have their arms or feet in crazy positions for 5 minutes! It’s nuts.

  5. We looked “Flash Mobs” up on YouTube and they are starting to be everywhere. We watched on where everyone started dancing all at once and then suddenly stopped. I wonder how they get the cue to end. So cool.

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