Filled Glass Ornaments

Gather your family and make these pretty glass ornaments–filled with just about anything. The possibilities are endless…

Step 1: Buy a pack of clear, glass ornaments. You can find them nearly everywhere, but if you go to a craft store like Michael’s or Robert’s–they were a bit cheaper. Laurie says, to try the dollar store too. These ones were about $3.00 for 12.

Step 2: You must solemnly swear not to skip this step–even if you think you are very careful and brave. Just mind me anyway. Take a small strip of masking tape and put it around the top of the ornament. Fold the top of the tape down inside so that no sharp edges are exposed anywhere.

This could actually be a project that you do with a middle aged child–as long as the edges are covered and they remember to handle the glass carefully. I know, I know…I sound like somebody’s mom. Sorry.

Step 3: Curl and cut up tons of curly ribbon…no kidding…tons. Kids would love this part too.

Step 4: Wad up bunches of ribbon and stuff it in the glass ball. Snap in the gold ornament topper. It’s that simple–you’re done!

Try filling some of the ornaments with random things—we used old video tape, yarn, raffia, and yes…those are push pins. Just be OK with letting everyone’s personality come out. Lyndi thinks gummy bears would be good. I’m a Cheetos kinda gal myself, but they won’t fit…I know. I tried.

The good thing is that you can always empty it again if you don’t like how they look. Chances are—you’ll just love them!

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  1. now that looks like something I can handle- would probably go pretty fast too! I have tons of those ornaments because I always buy stuff and never get around to using them! another fun thing to do is to take craft paint- use 2 colors and squirt them inside then twirl around so paint gets all swirly and covers all the inside-then turn them upside down on an empty egg carton to drain/dry- makes for some very pretty ornaments-

  2. These are fun… and I really think we need a gummy bear one! 😉 We could cruch up some oreos for Jillian too maybe! 😛 Ha ha ha!!! I like Sue’s paint idea as well! Looks like we’ll have to make some more!

  3. I made these years ago. I filled mine with glittery star garland. You know the kind made out of wire & covered with metallic ribbon & stars. I’ve also filled them using the metallic shredded gift bag filler. I’ve also printed out a photo of someone or something onto transparency paper, cut it out in a circle shape (to fit inside the ornament), roll it up & slide it in. Once inside the ornament, it unrolls & wa la, you have a purty ornament. You can add some prisma glitter to top it off.

  4. I almost bought some of these last year a the $$ store, but didn’t have a plan how to use them. I haven’t noticed whether or not they have them this year. These are really cute ideas.

  5. What great ideas!! Now I have to start allll over and try all this stuff. I’ve just got to find a way to make the Cheetoes work. :p

  6. ooooooo, nice one! The moment the Christmas crafty spirit hits me you can bet I’ll jump on this idea. I can see it in my brain: A beautifully lit tree covered in eggnog, Yoohoo, and slurpee filled glass ornaments, awaiting a thirsty caroler.

    Or you could put some fish tank pebbles in there, some water, and a couple sea-monkeys. Now I’m just being weird.

    Great idea! (yours, not mine)

    oh, and great site by the way.

  7. Caaaaaam! Wahoo! My favorite–besides you of course, is the sea monkeys thing… Somebody told me that those are actually brine shrimp and they are quite nasty. Well, I just won’t think about that right now…I’ll think about it tomorrow…

  8. Mom, just crunch up the Cheetos. They’ll work just fine that way. A little powdery, but hey… they’re still good and would look brilliant 🙂

    Top quality suggestion with the fish and sea ambiance there too Cam. It’s getting my brain going on some pretty random possibilities.

  9. What a great site! I took Hypnobirthing from Launi 3 years ago. I have 2 kids and love having babies…even without epidurals. I decorated a tree for the Festival of Trees and Lights, I might have to use this idea for next year! Cute.

  10. I was looking for something for my wedding coming up as the party favors, and i think im going to use this idea, but fill them with everything involved with the day…

    A piece of lace, confetti, ribbon, silk flowers, a piece of the programs… and then random things like crystals, and feathers

    Thanks for sharing how to do it

  11. What a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for sharing this. In fact, I hope you’ll come back and show us how they look. I would love to post your “wedding ornaments” on the blog.
    Thanks so much!

  12. white feathers from guardian angels…… and gold sparkles…
    This is an angel feather,
    sent from God above,
    to serve as a reminder,
    of his gracious love.

    It’s from your guardian angel,
    that God himself assigned to you,
    And fell out in his struggles,
    as he protected you.

    Each time you almost stumble,
    Each time you nearly fall,
    Remember to,
    Thank God and his angels,
    for answering your call.

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