Farmer’s Market

I imagine that you know by now that we–our whole family–has quite a thing for Farmer’s Markets.  We positively LOVE them.

This is the peach guy–a personal favorite of mine…see that box on the end there? Oh, it’s on my table right this minute.

And the tie-dye lady was wonderful–all those beautiful colors. I needed a picture of that pink and purple thingy–so I could remember it…always.

We got Chompy a pretty little dress from there and she was very excited to NOT show it to anyone.

Miss Lily got her face painted…

with a perfect Rapunzel crown.

And the honey girl gave us samples of her Pumpkin Flower Honey…so we needed that too. WHAT?

There was a cantaloupe lady, a garlic dude, and a bread man but I was too busy staring at everything to get a picture of it all.

The little folks had a perfect ride in a real (ahem) covered wagon.

I fell in love with the soap lady’s stuff. Honey, Brown Sugar, Rose and even a slice of Coffee soap–which, I hear, will take onion or fish or garlic scent off your hands. Cool.

Asiago Bread—


and honey. Can you tell what we’re having for supper?

That is…if we can stay awake long enough.

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  1. I’m so with you on the Farmer’s Market love. Same goes with fairs and carnivals! 🙂 I’m sure it all really comes down to the fact that I LOVE food and those places have the best food ever! 😀 And you didn’t even mention the cheese curd! 😉

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