Friendly, Familiar Food

Not so much going on in this kitchen that’s brand new these days. In fact, we’ve been falling back on some good old standards lately. Normally, we have Egg Toast Cups on Easter–but it’s been so long since Daney boy has had them, that when he asked me to make them–how could I resist?

Any Fruit Smoothies are always a hit and since we had a full flat of autumn raspberries…well, some things are a given.

Ran out of corn flakes for the crumbly topping–but this time of year Cheesy Funeral Potatoes are always on the menu. Yummm.

While it’s true that we do eat a TON of apples around here, I’m only showing you these as a buffer for the decadence that is coming next. Oh, do forgive me…

but Tropical Krispy Treats just sort of popped up. I know, I know…enough color and sugar to light up Fargo, North Dakota. But…they didn’t last long, so it was just a very temporary lapse in judgment.

And the guys are lit up like Mack truck head lights…but they’re recovering and the glow is nearly gone.

All is well in Zion.  

How about you? What’s cooking in YOUR kitchen these days?

9 Replies to “Friendly, Familiar Food”

  1. You showed pictures of all of my favorite things. There is just something about home cooking that brings it out in me. We made caramel apples and rolled them in the tropical rice Krispys. The kids thought they were amazing. I prefer plain old nuts to the kids sugar rush, but hey, that is probably the mom in me. We will have to try them as rice Krispy treats next time. Sounds pretty darned good!

  2. Tonight we will be sipping homemade chicken noodle soup. There is nothing like big fat homemade noodles and this year the carrots came right from our garden. Ginger spice drop cookies were in the girls lunches this morning and if there’s a recipe with potatoes in it we’ll be having lots of that too. Figured we ended up with about 450 lbs of the red beauties – come on over for some clam chowder!

  3. I’m not making much these days. Just haven’t been up to it. But I think today might be a day for cookies.

  4. Did you grow them yourself?! Oh, my goodness–I have really got to find me a farmer man to marry. You guys are amazing. I’d love to feature your Ginger Spice Drop Cookies on GR some time. They are fabulous. What do you say?

  5. Ummm…. well…. my kitchen is your kitchen 😉 Hmm, that just doesn’t have the same ring as the original phrase, but you get the idea 😀

  6. I say it’s a deal, they are one of our favorites and so easy. And yes, the carrots are from the garden, probably a 100 lbs or so and yes I’m desperately checking every DI I go past for pints jars because mine are already filled. This is a first for us – bottling carrots – I think it will be great to have them ready to add to stews and soups this winter.

  7. I love the recipes you post here… even if we’re not making them all the time. I love knowing that I can just hop online and find my favorites all in one place! yUUUm!

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