Do No Harm

Our baby bird met a little friend in the yard.

It was a sweet little baby bird that was too little to even be afraid of us. Baby Chomp got so close we were nervous that the little fellow would get stepped on–so we had her move back a bit.

He just sort of stood there and let us look at him–but we were careful not to touch him or get so close that his mama wouldn’t take him back. We told Chompy that his mama would come and take care of him until he could fly if we didn’t touch him.

Ooooh she sure wanted to just reach out and snatch up that little birdy–but she resisted. We went for a walk to visit a neighbor and when we came back the bird was gone. Spirited away–I’m thinking–by a little birdy mama who is certain that her baby had a very close call today–with those scary humans.  Little do they know…

we come in peace.


5 Replies to “Do No Harm”

  1. Oh, Chompy and I are such bird fans that we have feeders and big sacks of seeds. We love to watch them and of course she likes to see how close she can get. Maybe a feeder would help your gals be able to watch from a safe place and not be afraid. Maybe…

  2. I’m glad you got a picture of that. I didn’t realize that you did more than just see it from the window. That little bird is so tiny! Good lesson for the other little bird to learn as well. Also, I like the new header. That’s nice 🙂

  3. You’ve taught Baby Chomp to love birds… and hopefully we’ve ALL helped her learn to be kind and sweet to them. 😉 I love how they were both innocent enough to just regard each other and go about their day. So fun!

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