Cupie then and now

See those big brown eyes poking out from that ancient doll buggy? That sweet little dolly is a soft bodied pink Cupie Doll—very popular in the…old days. If you think I’m kidding, brace yourself. This picture was taken in 1959, you know, the stone age. We won’t be discussing how old that makes me.

But this cute baby has made it safely through all these years and is now meeting a new sweet dolly in the “living color” world. She’s waited patiently in an old box for so very, very long.

I suppose after all this time those tiny pokey fingers feel warm and right and familiar somehow.

Laugh if you like, but I’m pretty sure that dolly’s smile is bigger this morning.

And so it should be.

9 Replies to “Cupie then and now”

  1. Good for you for keeping all those special treasures from your childhood. We moved too many times to know where any of my old things are.

  2. My mother-in-law found a Cupie doll for my daughter years ago and she has always loved playing with it when she goes to visit Nana. Something special about those Cupie dolls. Enjoy playing with your grandbabies and that Cupie doll.

  3. Thanks for sharing your sweet Cupie doll with Baby Chomp… she loves all the special treasures you have to share! 🙂 We’re both lucky to have you!

  4. Love the cupie doll. I remember having one myself, but was never able to save it. What a wonderful thing to share with your children.

  5. They really do have the sweetest face. I have one in my cedar chest that was my mothers. It’s made out of some kind of mache’ or something. Pretty fragile and jointed together with elastic bands. She used to say, “Don’t get it wet or it will melt.” Isn’t that strange?

  6. I suppose it comes from being a pack rat of sorts. Don’t tell anyone–but I have all my Barbies too!
    I’m such nerd.

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