The County Fair

We found another one…

a County Fair, that is…

August 16 063

complete with a cow girl on a horse showing us where to park…

August 16 003

lovely Elsie and Bossy the cows…

August 16 006

and sleek, sleepy sheep.

Say that three times really fast…I dare you.

August 16 007

I found a small smackeral of trimmed wool on the ground and I needed it.

August 16 013

Baby Chompy wanted to play the rubber duck game…and she won…

August 16 019

an amazingly cool stuffed wolf.

August 16 017

We saw a pink tractor…

August 16 022

and an oddly groomed llama.

August 16 031

We ate fair food…

August 16 050

saw blue ribbon vegetables…

August 16 055

gorgeous quilts…August 16 057

beautiful preserves…

August 16 059

and amazing artwork.

August 16 046

Oooooh—slow down summer…

we aren’t finished with you yet.

7 Replies to “The County Fair”

  1. Thanks for taking us along for all your adventures. It feels like I have traveled all over the country and the state, just by reading your blogg this summer. Thanks!!

  2. I’m in love with fairs… I’ve decided!!! *:D* Let’s go up to the STATE Fair in a couple of weeks!!! We’ll have to make a WHOLE day of it! That would be AWESOME! We’ll have to pack lunches or something so we don’t die from Fair-Food-Overdose! πŸ˜‰

  3. I vote we make salads and take them, because that would actually tastes so good in the “deep fried capitol of the world.” We can do it. Won’t we laugh when everyone says, “Where’d you get THAT?” Ha!

  4. That’s a great idea!!! Whatever it takes to get up there and have another Summer adventure before it’s “too late!” πŸ˜‰

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