Cookie Packs


With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, I wanted to show you a sweet way to give an easy treat to your friends.

First, make the Oatmeal Farm Cookies and let them cool.


Then decorate pink and purple dvd keepers with Valentine stickers and slip a cookie into each one. Next, punch a little hole in the upper corner and thread curly ribbon through to add some sparkle.


Aren’t they cute? And since the cookies are in a plastic envelope, they will stay fresh for a day or two, so it’s perfect for neighbors, co-workers or best friends. In fact, this little treat is so easy to make–you could give it to anyone who deserves a little extra sweetness this Valentine’s Day.

3 Replies to “Cookie Packs”

  1. cUUUte!!! Now I need to think of who should get Valentines this year!!! How fun that Valentine’s is coming sooo soon!!!

  2. That’s pretty clever and cute. I don’t think the cookie would stay inside the cover very long around here!

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