Christmasy Stuff

to love–right this minute.

The big and small helpers that make up our Christmas light brigade. Such stalwart souls in the 17 degree outdoors. Brrrrr…

The sweet, ancient ornaments that come out this time of year and are handled so tenderly so that somehow they will last forever.

The Christmas bowls that magically appear and are quickly dubbed the “only way to eat cereal in December” by the male population of the household.

The indoor lights that are left to me and my packaging tape. I know there’s a better way to hang the crazy things in the window…but…you know…old dog…new tricks…and all that.

The crochet hooks and Peaches and Cream yarn that seem to be fused to my hands these days. Not a spare minute can be wasted–so much to sew and only 11 more days to do it in! Yikes!!

The lovely Christmas countdown chain–from Somebody’s Stuff–that was made to be torn away each day but is far too pretty to meet such a fate. So it just hangs around and makes us very happy.

The trees that seem to be trying–with all their might to get into the spirit of the season.

The snow that obediently fell when April stomped her foot and declared that she “must have snow for her birthday!” Now that’s power.

The brand-new stocking for the brand-new sweetheart in our world–made with the very last scrap of red sock velour, that I’ve held on to for some strange reason…all these years.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Please tell me~

what Christmasy things do you love right this minute?

15 Replies to “Christmasy Stuff”

  1. What Christmasy things do I love right this minute…knowing all of my decorating is done, but not liking that I still have shopping to do. šŸ™
    Lovin’ the fact that I have a great lady’s (even though I don’t know her) blog to read each day. Loving’ the love that shines through this blog that you have for ALL of your family. šŸ™‚

  2. Forgot to tell you….for years I was one who used the packaging tape for my lights on the inside of my windows, but not any more!! šŸ™‚
    I found THE BEST suction cups (actually called mini light holders) for the mini lights. They are a 1 piece flexible suction cup made by Adams Mfg., Co and they’re MADE IN THE USA!!! Unfortunately they can’t be bought through their web site, but every time I see any in the stores I snatch ’em up to be sure I have enough. It’s SOOOOO great to be rid of the packaging tape!! šŸ™‚
    Hope this link comes through for ya. šŸ™‚

  3. I love our Christmas tree!! Looks like you have lots of fun Christmas things happening at your place!

  4. well, It’s really Christmas at our place when we make Hoska-Bohemian Christmas Bread. I bought the fresh ground cardamom yesterday… Launi, I think you have a few pictures of the braided, yummy bread in your files. As we are still living with contractors all over the house, we have decorated outside, but not inside.

  5. I love the UPS man showing up at my house nearly every day, and the white twinkly lights that I can’t get enough of all over my house. I love thinking of purchasing the *perfect* gifts for those I love.

    Oh, and I love the ability to control the elements. Heh.

  6. Struggling to get in the mood at all – it’s being a weird Christmas this year. I think making divinity tonight will help šŸ™‚

  7. Your kind words mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Thank you.

    Oh, and check out Amazon—even better–Amazon Prime. I just sit here and do my shopping online, usually for much cheaper and it’s here in two days. Prime is sooooo worth it to me because it’s two day FREE shipping, always. Anyway, it’s a life saver for us. I wouldn’t go to the mall for love or money! haha…well, maybe for See’s chocolates. :}

  8. Your link works great–thanks. What a great idea. :} I just found them…on Amazon and snagged a set.

    hee hee. Thanks-thanks-THANKS!! :}

  9. You did give me the recipe–but I’ve never tasted it. It sure does look yummy though. :} Be sure to take pictures of the outside of your house. You need a tree inside too…that the contractors can step AROUND.

  10. Divinity WILL help! So will fudge balls. Turn on 107.5 or whatever it takes to get K-LOVE on your radio. It has such beautiful stuff this time of year. It just changes the mood. Trust me on this my friend. :}
    I need to taste some of that divinity too.

  11. I totally fail at fudge balls so that will require a visit to your house to take care of that major craving. And K-love doesn’t make it to Gville – I need to get some CD’s out I guess. Maybe we could meet half way and and share a batch of fudge balls and divinity until glucose levels reach a record high and get me out of this funk šŸ™‚

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