Christmas Secrets


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There’s a ton of whispering, and tip-toeing and hiding secret projects under blankets, going on around here, right about now.

To sneak a peak at the presents before the kids do–go to the Secrets tab and click your way in. Some of the surprises for this year are there. Some are not. I would have posted it long before now, but I was certain there was more time–weeks in fact. I was entirely unaware that it’s Christmas Eve…already. Wow.

Help me. How did that happen?

I’ll admit that this Christmas isn’t quite as “handmade” as I would have liked–but it isn’t for lack of trying. I’ve made a million hats and headbands and slippers in the last few months–I promise. My problem is that I find it impossible, really hard to  make something for my baby birds and not just hand it to them.

I can prove it…

A Sock 012

The “Who-ville Hats” were supposed to be for Christmas.

A cake pop 126

The headbands were supposed to be for Christmas.

I’m a dreadful gift stasher.

I’m a wonderful “you-need-this-right-now”-er.


Then, Christmas comes.

A moose 164

We tried to make authentic “Sugar Plums” last year and aside from that fact that they tasted like little blobs of nutty fruitcake–yuck–they were an educational experience. So when I found some incredible ones at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candy, I was determined to hide them away. It would have been a lovely secret and delightful surprise for everyone.

But they were just so cute…

and I was over come with excitement…

so I showed the kids.


A moose 170

We are much better in this house at keeping secrets “collectively” anyway.

A moose 172

So the treat plates and neighbor surprises are perfect for us.

A moose 175

Ahhhh….Mock Turtles…

A moose 179

Christmas Hugs, Peppermint Bark and Milk Chocolate Fudge. The best kept secret about all these treats is how many of them actually end up at the neighbors…and how many will be spirited away…by

…the Bald Kid.  It’s always him.

Hee, hee.

Oh, Christmas…

Oh, Martha…

3 Replies to “Christmas Secrets”

  1. You’re way ahead of the game in the finishing department from me. The plan was a levi quilt for the 3 married kids. That changed to a larger family gift for 2 of them and 1 levi quilt, I should surely be able to manage that – right? Not exactly – I still have 3 pairs of levi’s to cut (will finish as soon as I finish here) then on to the sewing part and maybe I’ll have a top to give them with the promise to finish it sometime before the camping season returns – ugh! I think I need to follow you around for a day and figure out how you get sooooooo much done. I’m not letting any of mine near you blog ever again – they’ll be asking Santa for another mother.
    PS I sure wish I was one of your neighbors – I’m sure I’d be able to sense when the “neighbors plates” were ready and head over to get mine before the uhm uhm bald kid had a chance to sample mine 🙂
    Merry Christmas

  2. Ahhhh—wait now. I don’t even know HOW to make a quilt–so trust me, my kids aren’t waiting for that from me. I’ve made an afghan or two, but I’m better with the small stuff. Don’t knock yourself out my dear. If it were me–I’d go get another present and tell the kids that the quilts were coming on the summer train. That’s right, because Christmas isn’t suppose to kill anyone–especially not the mom!
    I do wish you were one of my neighbors because then–you’d just have to come on over and sit on the floor and eat fudge and pie and ice cream and ridiculous stuff along with us. Well, once we wrangled it away from El Baldo, of course. What fun that’d be!

    I adore you–you know…

  3. I just finished Mandy’s quilt topper last night. It looks gorgeous! Those goodies look so yummy! There is a lot of excitement around here today. My girls can’t contain themselves!

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