Christmasy Neighbors


While we’re working frantically on the house–hoping to be able to move in before Christmas–it’s nice to drive home in the dark.


Especially when we have neighbors that go all out with the lights! Wouldn’t it be fun to have every-single-branch lit up in the yard?


It would be Christmas heaven to me. But for now, I’ll settle for sitting on the side of the road, thoroughly enjoying theirs.

And perhaps, soon, I’ll be watching from my own window.


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4 Replies to “Christmasy Neighbors”

  1. We love driving by this house too! They have a lovely Nativity Scene on the side as well. The kids always ask to see it when we’re out. I hope you’re able to move in to your cute little house soon! πŸ™‚

  2. It’s a pretty one–that’s for sure. I had to pull right over and stop. But I guess I better drive around and see what I’m missing on the other side. haha. And hey–we’ll sort of be neighbors!! πŸ˜€

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