Christmas Magic and Snoopy Kids

As I’ve mentioned before–magic is a big deal to me. Remember the fairy post? Each time I see the Nutcracker–I’m pretty sure I truly belong in that Sugar Plum place. No, I mean it. Sometime, maybe I’ll tell you how I feel about pixies and Santa and toys coming to life. At some level of sleep deprivation I could probably even give you a pretty convincing speech in defense of the Keebler Elves.

As I’ve said, magic works for me.

Now, of course, I don’t mean the–eye of newt, ‘piece of thine own tongue,’ chicken knuckles, creepy stuff. I’m talking about the–sparkly tinsel, Deck the Halls, new doll plastic smell on Christmas morning –magic. You know…MA-GIC. The whispery, tip-toey kind. The candy cane hot chocolate kind.

The very best kind.

When my kids were tiny, I worked hard to pass that same sense of wonder, that shivery, strangeness on to them–as a personal favor. One reason is because we already have enough grim-reaper moments on this earth, and I personally refuse to give them any more space. But the biggest reason is that it’s just more fun if I’m not the only one in the house bursting into song every time someone rattles a jingle bell.

Way better if we’re all nuts.

Another advantage to having 5 kids who have passed “Magic and Wonder Appreciation- 101” is that while other moms were trying desperately each year, to hide the Christmas presents in a new place (or new  country) that their snoopy children hadn’t discovered yet– I could stack 5 feet of gift boxes in my sewing room with a blanket over them and say, “Don’t peek–you’ll spoil the magic!” Oh, of course they could look if they wanted to, but the feeling was, “Why would you wreck your own Christmas? Magic is better.” My kids swear to this day that it worked…even the boys.

That said, it’s been hard not to post the projects that I’ve been working on this season, but I couldn’t, unless I wanted to spoil my own family’s Christmas. So I’ve come up with a solution. I’ll put them on another page and hang the “Andersonians Beware” sign on the door. Once it’s up–you can peek if you like. But I bet you a million bucks…they won’t.

Because for us…Christmas magic is just better.

PS–So watch for it…a new “door” that will be opening in the next few days.

Look carefully…You’ll see…

2 Replies to “Christmas Magic and Snoopy Kids”

  1. Oh, no…your kids need you for their mom. But I am convinced that the effort it takes to help someone else find sparkle and magic, is what brings it back to us. When you grab up your babies–whatever age babies–and say, “Oooooh, look! Christmas lights!” or “tinsel” or “music,” whatever–they will start feeling the excitement that needs to be there. Life is too boring without it. The feeling is contagious I tell you. You’ll get it because you gave it.

    Rhen always says, “Mom, you are so weird.” That’s ok too, because he always says it with a big smile on his face.
    I love you…

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