Our Harry Potter 7 Party

Last November, Gracious Rain gathered up a mob of friends and family and organized a huge party for the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows premiere. We bought out the whole theater–to be exact!  There were amazing treats and goodie bags, wonderful costumes and fabulous giveaways for everyone.

There were even a couple of…surprises!

While in the process of organizing our next crazy event, Deathly Hallows part 2–coming in July–I thought it might be fun to show you the official photos from the previous adventure. So there’s a new tab on the Gracious Rain site. It’s right there in the middle and it says, “GR Events.” Don’t be afraid…click on it. There are links there to the party photos, the sponsors websites and prize photos, as well as pictures of all the winners with their loot.

Check it out and tell us what you think. Can we throw a party…or what?

:} To go to the GR Events page click HERE. Hope you love it.

PS–Watch for the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse party photos coming soon.


A Small Peek…

At what it takes to pull something like this off.

All for….him.

Oh, and we’re all still sleeping from our riotous evening…with the “boy who lived.”

Check back when we’re coherent.


Go Harry.


Sweet Tooth Fairy

Ahhh yes…the rumors are true. I am in love.

April and I spent the evening with Dave at Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo, to make the final arrangements for the Harry Potter Premiere party next week. Look what he gave us.

No, no. Sharing is not an option…sorry.

This Dave fellow is one smart cookie…or should I say cupcake? Perhaps guys don’t actually like being called cupcakes so sufficeth it to say, he knows his stuff. He’s working on some amazing wizard cupcakes for our party and took us in the back to show us how they are made.

We are in soooo much trouble.


I’ll tell you, if I wasn’t already committed to finding a cute little farmer man with a Scottish accent, well, I’m quite certain that I could really fall for a guy who is up to his elbows in chocolate all day and has the Top Secret recipe for a Key Lime frosting that could bring world peace ALL. BY. ITSELF.

Alas, I’ll have to be satisfied with being madly in love with…

the cupcakes.

Somehow—it’s enough.

PS— Gracious Rain is being featured this week on Casual Blogger Community–please, please, check it out and leave a comment. Thank my dah-lings!

Harry Potter 7 Premiere!

Well, now if you checked out the bloggy yesterday

and to all who did, thank you, thank you for your birthday wishes, what a wonderful day!

ANYway, if you came by you likely saw my Professor Sprout costume that April so covertly posted for the day. yikes.

So this is just as good a time as any to let you know that we are getting all hyped and ready for the November 19th Harry Potter 7 premiere.

Yes, yes, we bought out the theater.

Yes, yes, there will be incredible prizes and goodie bags.

And yes, yes unless you’re trapped in Azkaban, you don’t want to miss this.

So, if you’d like us to reserve you a seat in our theater, here in Orem, Utah on November 18-19 (midnight showing) you’ll want to let us know–asap. Tickets are $15 and will be well worth it–ask around. Our Eclipse event sold out fast and there are only 97 seats. So–c’mon–quick, let us know if you’ll be joining us. We’d love to have you!


before it’s too late.

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