I have found…

that when it looks like this…

and this…

and this…

on the outside

…it becomes quite necessary…

to find this…

and this…

and this…

on the inside.

Warm tummies, warm hearts.

It can’t possibly be helped.


Happy Birthday President Lincoln!

Vintage TV


I was just dinking around on YouTube the other day and found the opening theme songs to some reeeeally old—and I’m not kidding—TV shows. Now, I realize that these critters truly date me in a pretty unflattering way, but I’m a sturdy mountain woman. I’ll handle it. Besides, it will be so good for all you “youngsters” to see what was on TV back when there were 5 channels and most of the them were in black and white. Besides, they’re pretty funny–in a lame sort of way.

Here’s the first one:


The Patti Duke Show (Click on the link)

For those of you who don’t know who Patti Duke is, she played Helen Keller in the movie, “The Miracle Worker,” and is also the mom of Sean Astin (Sam in “Lord of the Rings”) and Mackenzie Astin (Iron Will)


Petticoat Junction


Mr. Ed

These sincerely, were some of our favorite shows. Are you jealous?

Try this one: The Winchell Mahoney Show

Do you recognize his voice? In his later years, “Winch” was the voice of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

So, after you watch these clips–I expect you all to go to the “happy list” and write about how much you love your color tv and your channels and your cable…bla, bla, bla..

And me…I think I’ll go find Gilligan’s Island….or something.

Ahhh…television at it’s finest hour.



Ten Things That Make Me Happy…

1- This squishy baby

2- This “please make me cry” clip: Tara and Bella

3- This adorable calendar from Sarah Jane Studios

4- Homemade glazed pecans

5- The Draper Temple openhouse

6- A Lily baby in a bucket

7- A Beckham baby in a barrel

8- A “done” puzzle

9- A “finished with Frankenstein,” brain jello party

10- Very warm, very fuzzy, very pink socks

Please post your “Happy Stuff” in the comments–and we’ll add them to the “Grateful” list.

Add as often as you’d like…

10 things that make me happy…

1. The snow coming down as I type. Our state always needs more water. So it’s a big deal to get all this new stuff. I just want to be snowed in at least once in my life.

2. Pink lights on a canopy bed. It’s very exotic and makes me feel particularly fancy somehow. Even if I’m just wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.

3. A baby girl who loves her monkey.

4. A baby boy who loves to laugh.

5. A baby “chomp” who could show up any day now. Maybe we’ll wake up one of these mornings and Lyndi will have a sweet, warm bundle all cuddled up with her. I suppose, in real life we’ll know when she decides that she’s truly coming. But since Lyndi is having a home birth–it could be a surprise for us–any time now.

6. A well attended puzzle on a wintery day.

7. Dear friends in a beautiful place.

8. A beautiful place

9. A pristine kitty

10. A letter from a happy boy in a very cold, faraway land.


Be sure to check out the “Grateful List” tab. This will be our never-ending happiness list. Reply to this post and let us know what makes you happy. We’ll just keep racking them up until we get…oh, a million or so. :]  You can send as many, as often as you’d like.

Can’t get too much of this good thing!

How many is a million, anyway?