Fairy Garden?

Have you seen the movie, “Fairy Tale?”

In it, two little girls discover a raft of fairies down by the river. They build them a tiny house and appease them with fairy cake–a favorite of fairies. Eventually the girls even take photographs of flitting fairies–baffling the whole world.

The movie also mentions that mushrooms and toadstools are magical fairy things. If it’s true–we have a busload of fairy dust floating around our place these days.

June 10 071

With four days of straight rain–toadstools and mushrooms are popping up everywhere–some in the middle of the yard all alone…

June 10 068

…most of them in little clusters.

The bald kid mows them down, and the next day…

They pop right back up—sometimes the size of dinner plates.

June 10 080

These brave souls have even formed themselves into a fairy ring.  In case you didn’t know,  a fairy ring is “the phenomena resulting from the dancing footsteps of fairies; a hallowed place to magical folk.”

Very cool.

Apparently you can get into big trouble for messing with or mowing down a fairy ring–like being stolen away into the fairy kingdom, never to return–that sort of thing.  I told the bald kid to mow around it, you know, just in case. I figured he’d feel pretty bad if they swiped him away to live with the sprites forever. He’s a big guy—Heaven only knows what they’d feed him.

He wasn’t afraid.

He said, “Bring it.”

June 22 080

This generation and their total disregard for things that really matter.


I believe I shall run and make some cake.

How about you—do you believe in fairies?

Playing in the Dirt…


We finally, FINALLY put our cute little garden in last week and just sat back to cross our fingers.


garden-011ornamental white mini pumpkin
garden-012ornamental regular mini pumpkin
garden-013regular big pumpkin–ok, we’re pumpkin freaks here. I know.



Bless their seedy-planty little hearts—they are growing! For those of you who are thinking, “DUH-what did you expect?” I’d say–whenever we bury a little seed or plant into the ground and it really actually grows–isn’t is still a wonder?

may-31-070Oh, I’m just so proud of you– you cute little radishes!

Tell the truth–when you plant a package of seeds don’t you go check every morning to see if something is poking it’s head up out of the dirt yet? And when you find some brave little sprout…aren’t you so excited and happy and…well….isn’t it just SO COOL?

Ok, I’m done.

My seed-dirt-plant-sprout worship session is over.

“Thanks for noticing me,” and my baby garden.

Tell me–What are YOU planting these days?

Nearly, Nearly…

Nearly a pink blossom

Nearly a graduate

Nearly a cozy fire

Nearly a peach

Nearly Summer

Nearly at the end

Nearly one year out

Nearly jam

Nearly fifty-one years old

Nearly perfect


A New Exciting…


The gardener’s delight…

This will be a quick giveaway–because I want you to be able to use the garden supplies as soon as your climate will allow it. We had snow yesterday, so we’re still being a bit careful with the more fragile plants.

Prize includes:

1 pair of texture-grip garden gloves

1 set (32) biodegradable peat pots

1 gardener’s trowel

seed assortment: radish, cucumber, pumpkin, mini-white pumpkin, carrot and peas

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll announce the winner Friday morning, May 1st—so hurry!

The sun’s out!

The Garden Store

The local nursery in town had a trivia contest and guess who won?

The question was, “What is a *pysanka?” I googled it and found that it was a fancy batik Easter egg. So, I won a gift certificate to Sun River Gardens Nursery.

What a fabulous incentive to play in the dirt–free plants!

We found strawberry plants, chamomile, raspberry bushes, grape tomatoes, onions, mint, garlic, rhubarb, an Asian Pear tree, and seeds for everything else. Perfect, techicolor day out with the babies…

I think that if ever a mortal heard the voice of God it would be in a garden at the cool of the day.
~F. Frankfort Moore