A Few Sweet Blossoms


Oh, my brave, sweet flowers are just barely starting to come to life!


I should have clipped these wild things back…but I just didn’t have the heart. They seem to know just where they want to go.


I’ve never grown peonies before and I must say, the blossoms are not there…not there…not there…and then BOOM! Big, feathery and gorgeous. It was a lovely surprise this morning.


The unstoppable Columbine that just keeps blooming and blooming and blooming…and all in the perfect purple-y color.


Not so much a bloom but another sort of pretty thing popping it’s head out from the leaves.


These are my lovely Daney-boy roses. He bought this bush right before he left to Lithuania for two years. He knows me well because one is lavender…


and the other was bright pink…that is, until it froze and came back completely wild…and a deep scarlet.

A beautiful garden with a mind all it’s own.

Just my kind of place.


Then There Is The Front


One day the Bald Kid was particularly bored and started digging up the front flower bed. No particular reason…he just wanted to.


Which turned out to be a pretty handy-dandy thing because Jillian and Josh brought me a zillion impatiens and one giant hydrangea for Mother’s Day.


What, I ask you, would I have done if all that dirt was still hard and weedy and dreadful? Heaven only knows.


But since it was all soft and mushy, we added some soaked peat moss and a busload of compost and stuck those pretty little things right in the ground. Again, I say “we” like I have a mouse in my pocket or something. It was the guy who did it all again. But I took all the flowers out of the packs and lined them all up and handed them to him in just the right order. That’s an important job too.

He is an awfully nice guy though.


It was a good, kind, flowery day.

And it made me very, very happy.


Just Outside My Window


Tons and tons of work going on just outside my window in the back.


Oh, mostly by the Bald Kid, of course.


He did most of the digging and mixing…


and I did most of the pointing and clapping.


But I did manage to plant most of the flowers on the left side–namely, the phlox, veronica, peonies, columbine, celosia and bleeding heart.


All while the big guy was busy planting a zillion strawberry starts. Yes, yes, I know they are very close–too close perhaps. But if we have to thin them later, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.¬† Besides…Nessie’s a big fan.


Miss Chicken Fingers loves her new resting place too.


The best part of all—look at my new brick planter! Isn’t it gorgeous? Why that clever boy of mine, put that cool thing together in a couple of hours. And me? Well, I couldn’t even lift the bricks. He’s amazing I tell you and I’m sooooo glad to have him back.


So is Buddah.

Heh, heh.


Ready Indeed


We are sooo ready for this spring stuff to really truly get here and stay.


The trees are flowering…


and snowing petals everywhere.


The periwinkle is blooming all over the place…


and the crazy old blueberry bush has kicked back in.


So much of the yard is cooperating¬† just as it should…


and the back grass is finally, FINALLY green.


Yesterday the Bald Kid tilled up the garden patch and dug in all the old weed control newspapers that were still hanging around from last year.


And I’m learning how to use my dad’s very cool composter to make our hard old Utah clay just a bit more wonderful.


Pretty proud of our compose in progress–oh, do be proud of me.


But the best part is that my little patch, the one that’s kinda mine, well, it’s getting an overhaul this week.


We’re pulling out all the weeds and any other odd things we find, thinning the strawberries and trimming back the roses and planting a few perennial flowers here and there just because we want to.


We’re pulling out the old broken wood border and replacing it with something…better (imagine me giggling my head off!).


Oh, we’re ready all right to go out there and get to work making it all beautiful and orderly and crisp and tidy and flowery…




For Another Day…

I was going to write a post telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about my silly little garden and all of it’s woes and calamities. But to be honest–I’m just so happy to have these pretty little Sun Sugar tomatoes fresh from…well…what’s left of my garden, that I haven’t got a whiney thought left in me.

Instead, I have a whole bucket full of goodness to gobble up and it’s a scrumptious distraction.

I’ll tell you about the other stuff…later.

If I remember.

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