Things That Taste Like Dirt

…for lack of a better, kinder, considerably less accurate title.

Had big plans for the post today–yesiree. But as it would happen, there was some baaad juju going on in this kitchen today, and the results were pretty sick…possibly even…lethal.

I blame it on that lunar eclipse thing a few weeks back.

See, my idea was to simply whip up a batch of the most scrumptious whole wheat tortillas in the universe and show you all about it and have the entire United States applaud and accept an award from the Pillsbury Bake Off people and get a call from the Culinary School in France, and be crowned queen of earth by the end of the week. Easy.

Sadly, it was not to be. Dang cosmos.

I first tasted fresh pressed and baked whole wheat tortillas one glorious evening when my good friend Sherel was teaching a class on them. I wasn’t actually in the class, just passing by—but the incredible, delectable aroma grabbed me by the collar and yanked me right into the kitchen, like a starving puppy…and yes, I begged her for one. Quite an embarrassing episode, I’ll admit, but I was hooked and decided then and there to make them myself and achieve the aforementioned goals…along with world peace.

Too bad I forgot to take a copy of the recipe. Duh. But seriously, how hard could it be? I mean they’re tortillas for Pete’s sake. But what I discovered, was that, without the right recipe, ok, ok, and a little skill–bad things can happen…really bad things…

like this…

and this…


all of which would be just fine, if they tasted anything like Sheryl’s Whole Wheat Tortillas…worth it, even. But nooOOoo…they did not. In fact, they reminded me of a day a few years back, where dirt was also on the menu. Blaugh.

But be brave my dear friends–I’ll be back with the real Whole Wheat Tortillas any minute now…

after I call Sherel…

and clear out the juju in the cosmos.

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~A New Blog Swap~


A few weeks ago, I told you all about the Blog Swaps that are going around in the Blogging world–you know, where you send a fellow blogger a treat and they send you one in return. Some of you may remember that Lyndi and I participated in the “Blog or Treat” and earlier this month the “Santa Swap,” both set up by cute little Shannon over at the Mommy Files.


Well, Shannon–who is incredibly on the ball–is already setting up the Valentine Blog Swap. If you’d like to be part of the fun–just click on over to her site and leave a comment saying that you’d like to be included. You don’t have to do anything right now, except say you’re interested and she will email you the details in a week or so. Trust me–this is a good way to get into the holiday spirit–no matter which holiday you choose!

You know how fun it is to get a surprise in the mail, right? Of course you do.

So, come on–join us.

Let’s SWAP!

Santa Blog Swap

Acorn 085

If you blog at all–you ought to consider joining one of the many “Blogger Holiday Swaps” going around these days.

Lyndi and I did one clear back in October, remember? Anyway, the way it works is that you are given another blogger’s name and address and a list of basic likes and dislikes for the holidays.

Acorn 081

Then you send them a box of holiday treats and they send you a box of holiday treats. My “blog buddy” for the Santa swap was Jerrica over at Something to Talk About. And may I say—she did a fine job!

It’s very simple. I mean, seriously…who doesn’t like getting presents in the mail at Christmas time–especially the kind you can open right now?!

Acorn 082

So chant this to yourself…

Treats-good. Treats-good. Treats-good.

For the next blogger swap–

I’ll keep you posted.